Other archival organizations have made helpful resources available online for free or for a nominal charge.  Below you will find a list of useful related links and resources.

The AABC Archivist's Toolkit (http://aabc.ca/resources/archivists-toolkit/)

Association of Canadian Archivists – The Outreach section of the ACA website features information sheets and technical booklets on Aboriginal, Business, Medical, and Municipal archives, to support institutions as they establish and preserve archives. (http://archivists.ca/content/outreach)

 Canadian Council of Archives – The CCA website features documentation on disaster preparedness, media storage, copyright, family records, and many other issues facing archives. (http://www.cdncouncilarchives.ca/)

Online tutorials and information sheets on how to access and use archival records:

    The University of Manitoba: http://www.umanitoba.ca/libraries/units/archives/tutorial/
      Association of Canadian Archivists: http://archivists.ca/content/information-sheets

      Information on advocacy and public relations:

      Association of Canadian Archivists - The Advocacy section of the ACA website features a chronological listing of official submissions to governments and government agencies as well as letters to legislators and policymakers in support of specific initiatives. (http://archivists.ca/content/advocacy)

       Canadian Council of Archives - The Awareness Kit available on the CCA website (http://www.cdncouncilarchives.ca/awareness_kit.html) provides tools available to archival institutions to assist with their advocacy efforts.  These tools include:

      • Awareness 101 - a set of steps designed to provide you with the tools to effectively communicate your message to the government, the media and the general public
      • My Archives/My Government - By participating in the My Archives, My Government awareness programme, archives across the country will provide politicians with a local portal into Canada's archival community. Participants are guided through several points of contact with their federal and provincial political representatives, culminating in the politicians' tour of their archives.
      • Toolbox - a list of available advocacy/public relations resources, with some tools specifically designed for relations with government and media

      Information on preservation and conservation

      Canadian Conservation Institute – The CCI website features lots of helpful information pertaining to the preservation and conservation of archival records. (http://www.cci-icc.gc.ca/index-eng.aspx)

      Other Resources

      AMA Reports & Documents

      Digitization Resources

      Professional Development Opportunities

      MAIN-AtoM Tutorials

      Archival Research in Manitoba

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